Aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum Door & Window

Aluminum doors and windows are one of the latest achievements of the construction industry in this century, which has replaced iron, wood and even UPVC materials. This type of aluminum, is implemented in two types called normal and thermal break.

Types of aluminum doors and windows

The normal profile is made entirely of extruded aluminum metal. In the other type, the sections are divided into two main parts, which include internal and external, and between these two cross-sections of polyamide in the form of couplings, a uniform profile is formed, which is one of the superior advantages of this type of door and window. it can create heat in such a way that cold and heat are not directed from the outer surface to the inner surface and completely prevent energy loss. Applicable glass in this type of profile is available in single, double and triple walls, which despite the argon gas in the latest interior conditions of the door and window was completely vacuum at your disposal.

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