Industrial Automatic Door

Industrial Automatic Door

Industrial automatic doors are large doors. These types of doors are used in certain places. Their installation has a special complexity. Places where these doors are installed and used include factories, hangar doors for airplanes and helicopters. There are different types of these doors, which we will briefly introduce.

Automatic sliding Door

This type of door is mostly used in warehouses and factories. The transmission system of this type of door is in the form of shoulder gear and chain. This type of door is mostly made of aluminum to consume less energy due to its lower weight and is resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Automatic industrial roll up

This type of door is a very good option for industrial environments. Low transfer time and insulation against cold and heat are the features that make industry owners choose this type of door for their factories. These types of doors can be designed in different sizes.

Hangar Door

Aircraft and helicopter hangars are among the places where industrial doors are used. Safety, speed and ease of traffic are very important in this type of doors. The most important features of these doors are insulation against heat and cold as well as high fire resistance.

Automatic Sectional Door

This type of door is suitable for places that have space and height restrictions. This type of door works in such a way that it causes the door to collapse under the roof and occupy a very limited space. Low noise and high speed in opening and closing are the features of this type of doors. it is also possible to install a door, which is very important for people to pass without opening and closing the entire door.

High Speed Door

High speed doors are designed for use in industrial and special environments. These doors are used to separate interior and exterior spaces. Laboratories, the space between the production hall and the warehouse of factories and department stores in the distribution of materials are among the places where these doors are used.
These doors are product in 2 types.
1. Roll Up : This type of door is mostly made of PVC and is very useful for places that have a lot of energy loss due to their insulation against heat and cold. Also high resistance to wind and storm up to 120 km/h is a unique feature of this type of door. This type of door uses 3 phases high-speed motors that open every meter in less than 3 seconds. Fire station doors are an example of this type of door
2-Fold Up: These types of doors are used in the interior of factories and industrial places. The most important reason is the lack of high resistance to wind and storms. Special brushes are used around the rails of these doors to prevent the penetration of dust

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