Automation glass door

Glass Door and different types

Today, glass doors have many applications in office, residential, commercial, hospital and etc buildings. In addition to beauty, these doors also have a lot of flexibility that can be used in different spaces and sizes. These doors also have unique capabilities. For example, they are bulletproof, shockproof, fireproof and even explosion proof. These doors can also be produced with lead cores for hospital imaging centers. In the following, we will briefly introduce the types of these doors.

Automatic Sliding Door

This door opens and closes as sliding and for simple operation, it is use in the most public and busy places. These doors receiving the command from the electronic eye and then opening for people.

Automatic Telescopic door

Telescopic automatic door the function of this device is as simple as automatic sliding doors, except that in order to use more width of the entrance of the building, instead of two movable slats, it has four movable slats and two slats are fixed, which makes about 70 Percent of total width is used as useful opening width.

Automatic Curved Door

Automatic curved door the function of this device is the same as automatic sliding door, with the difference that for special curved views, the door can be produced and executed as curved or complete circle with different diameters, which can be used in the beauty and elegance of the facade.

Automatic Angular Door

The triangular automatic door of this model opens and closes in sliding way. automatic triangular door is using for places that have a special view and engineering angle and occupies space, less than sliding doors and its opening width is more than sliding doors.

Automatic Swing Door

This system can be installed on the doors of building, which can be opens and closes in one or two laps. automatic swing door is controlled by an electronic eye or card reader.

Automatic Folding Door

Automatic folding door ( accordion ) can be installed for places that have small width. this door, folding to the sides in a linear path and use approximately 95 percent of the total width.

Automatic Revolving Door

In this system, the design is such a way that door opens and closes at the same time. By using this type of door, the user can use the simultaneous entry and exit of peope to prevent them from colliding. this type of door is recommended for places where the different between indoor and out door temperatures is high. in addition to the extraordinary beauty that it gives to the entrance, it allows the user to control 100 percent of the traffic. This product is available in the form of 2 fins, 3 fins and 4 fins with an internal showcase. Also, in one special type of this door, it is possible to fold the fins on top of each other in case of emergency exit.
These doors are divided into two different types
• Automatic Revolving Door
• Manual Revolving Door

Automatic Hospital Door

Automatic hospital doors are design for medical, health and protective environments and are used in operating rooms, radiology, clinics and laboratories, server rooms and atomic energy organizations to protect the user from harmful radiation. Cover of this type of door is made of glossy or matte steel and lead can be used inside it. The movement of this type of door is single-leaf and sliding. The main rail is made of hard aluminum, worked and soundless.
There are different types of automatic hospital doors
• Doors of CT and MRI rooms
• Doors of isolated rooms
• Doors of dirty rooms
• Positive pressure automatic door
• Negative pressure automatic door

Break Door

whenever is something bad happening, the most important thing is the speed at which people leave, and ordinary doors do not have enough capacity for people to leave. For these situations, doors are design whose fixed flaps are opened manually and deform in the direction of movement of people and provide maximum space for people to leave quickly. This type of door is used in different places such as hospitals and buildings where there is a lot of traffic.

Interlock Automatic Door

This type of door is used in facilities and places where there is a possibility of accident due to incorrect operation. Interlock doors are both mechanical and electrical. The most important feature of this door is the design to prevent dangerous operation or out of system planning.

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