Curtain Wall Facade and Its types

Curtain wall glass facade is one of the most widely used types of glass facades.

Face cap Curtain Wall

In the facecap system, the initial stages of implementation include mapping, executive shop drawing and modulation. in the next stage, metal belts are installed in the relevant points and the shield of vertical and horizontal sections is executed. No glue is used in the face cap system and the final coating can be made of glass, ceramic and stone. Between the lamellar sections, it is connected and installed by retaining fitting and in spindle or flat covers. Use of spindle caps in different lengths and in accordance with the dimensions and modifications in the curtain wall facade, applicable in the curtain wall system due to the use of EPDM rubber at the junction of glass, glass wall facade completely sealed and waterproof.

Frameless Curtain Wall

In the frameless system, surveying and preparation of phase 2 executive drawing shop, metal belts are executed in the place of potter (buildings with concrete skeletons) or (buildings with metal skeletons) and then from iron and aluminum brackets and dielectric components are used to install vertical luminaires. Also, horizontal lamellas are installed by the bites in the place of pre-prepared axes, and at the end, the final coating such as glass, ceramics and etc. are installed on the lammellas, and by clips, they are installed on aluminum lammellas. They return. The joint between the glass or the stone and ceramic that is installed on the lammellae is filled with strong and special structural adhesives and is leveled with the surface of the installed material.

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