Electric Shutter

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Today, electric shutters are produced and implemented in various applications such as commercial, residential, industrial and super industrial. their main nature consists of aluminum and galvanizes shutters. Manufactured shutters are produced in different applications, which are divided from 40 mm to 300 mm.

Electric Shutters by size

Electric shutters can be divided from 40 mm to 300 mm by size. These shutters can be installed in different places according to the use of the relevant place. From small shops and stalls to the entrance of large warehouses for storing heavy goods.

Electric Shutters based on power

The second item in electric shutters includes motor models that vary in speed and power. One of the obvious advantages of this type of door is that it doesn't take up space when opening and closing. You can install this type of door in the windows of residential houses, store entrance doors, parking entrances to the entrance doors of airplane hangars, helicopters hangars, ships hangars and etc

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