Traffic jam and gates

Traffic jam and gates

One of the systems that can help you when you are setting up a small or large store or have valuable assets in your company that you intend to protect or even work in military and security environments, is Traffic jam and gates. These gates are available in different types and applications, which we will introduce in the following.

Shop Gate

Nowadays, before investing in a store, you should first consider ways to prevent wastage of capital. Lateral security is the best complement to any store job. Also by using this type of gates, business owners will be much smoother in the accounting process and warehousing cases and etc.

Security Gate Office

Another type of traffic control system is the installation of security gates in crowded and special places such as airports, train stations and subways, where people have to travel individually from a main thoroughfare known as security traffic gate. as well as X-RAY systems that clearly display all the items accompanying the users.

Column Barricades

Among the security issues that should be considered in sensitive and important places such as military places are the prevention and control of vehicle traffic, as well as the prevention of their sudden entry and exit. Column barriers are designed for this purpose. These barriers are installed at the entrances of places. These barriers are installed at the entrances of places and buildings and due to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, they have a high resistance and cars can't cross them even if they collide at high speeds. There is also a sensor on these barriers that doesn't open if there is a car or any other hard object on it.

Road Blocker

Security burial barriers are a type of barrier that is suitable for places where the movement of authorized persons and vehicle traffic is very limited. This type of barrier is very suitable for preventing terrorist attacks. That is why it is the best option for military and security places. the structure of this type of barrier is very advanced and it is a complex mechanism.

Boom Barrier

This type of barrier is the most widely used type of barrier. It has a bar that opens 90 degrees. This type of barrier is used in places where traffic control is important. Parking lots, office and commercial complexes, residential towns and etc are among the places where this type of barricade is used.

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