Partition Glass

today, beauty and modern design are very important in the workplace. Light transmission and privacy are among the factors that are important in choosing and designing a work environment. partitioning is one of the most common ways to create a workspace. there are many types of partitions. one of the most modern of partitions is glass partition. Glass partitions have many divisions, which we will discuss below.

Types of glass partitions based on installation and execution

Glass partitons could be installed in two forms, single glazed and double glazed. there are different types of glass partitions based on installation.
• installation based of frameless and framed
• installation based on being railing or opening
• installation based on being hinged and sliding
• installation based on being fixed or movable

Types of partitions based on types and varietis of glass designs

Type of glass that used and its design are also important in glass partition. Privacy and beauty are two most factors in choosing a glass design.
• Partition with securite glass, laminated glass and double glazing
• Partition with patterned glass
• Partition with colored glass
• Partition with opaline